Free Cam Drone

Move Eyes, Not Body

*only works with keyboard and mouse controls

Free Cam is a favorite of most users, but if you don't understand how it works, it  most likely freak you out the first time.  Don't panic.  

What is the FREECAM (Drone)?

Just like a real world drone - it is detached from your avatar body.  That means while your camera roams, your avatar remains still.

How Do I Activate the FREECAM DRONE?

The Drone Launch - CALL DRONE HOME:

Your drone launches from the region landing point... and sometimes your initial camera view will be obscured from normalcy.  EASY FIX. Keep reading.

Bottom Info Bar has a "Call Drone Home" button.  Click it and it will return to your side.

Drone Travel:

Once you launch your FreeCam Drone on a region, it follows instructions and will remain where you left it.  This gives you the freedom to switch between cameras.


HOT TIP:  Use FREECAM DRONE for Persistant Animations

We recommend switching to FREECAM DRONE when you activate a persistant animation.  That will give you full freedom of using keyboard and mouse, not interrupting your chosen animation.

Example 01:

Example 02: