Chat Tools

Text Chatting is Easy

3DWebWorldz has three different kinds of chat.  

This section explores the different ways to access Region and World Chat.  For  Private IMs, please see the dedicated Section F. of this help document.

Local Chat Splash

Local Chat Splash (LCS) is on your screen by default.  You will see it when  you land on a region - and only contains chat from that region.  It looks like this:

It's easy to use.  Type in the box and click send.  

If you are a "keyboarder," you can also type your message, click tab, then enter.

How do I open/close Local Chat Splash?

As mentioned, the LCS is on your screen by default, although members can customize their UI (user interface) to turn it off. 

Chat Panel Overlay - In World Window

To open/close the Chat Window Overlay:

You can also close the chat panel by clicking the RED X buton in the top right corner.

To use:

To move the Chat Window Overlay:

To resize the Chat Window Overlay:

Button Row:

Pop-Out Chat

The Pop-Out Chat option opens the chat window in another browser tab. This allows you to split your screen or toggle tabs back and forth.

To open: