Region Slideshow

Turning On The Presentation System

All registered members can create slideshow presentations, but only region owners can give them permission to share those presentations.

For more information on creating the slideshow process and how it works:
3DWW-1001 : Building
N. Slideshow Presentation Prim


Region owners will need to:

• Add the region slideshow prim and set its location, rotation, scale.
• Assign the slideshow presenter by username (gives them access to the region slideshow controller)

TOP TOOLBAR:   Build Tools | Manage Region Button | Region Presentation System Button

FYI NOTE: This region management panel operates both the slideshow presentation prim and the chalkboard presentation prim.  

• Slideshow Presentation Pulldown - "Current: No"
Change this to YES to add the prim to your region.  We recommend leaving this set to NO until you are ready to actively use it. 

• Location, Rotation, Scale - properly set your slideshow prim.

• Presentation Controller (Pulldown Menu).
Only one person can operate the controller at a time.   You can assign any registered member to share their prepared slideshows.

The person assigned (by the region owner) to operate the slideshow, may activate the controller from the pulldown menu.  (Top Toolbar:  Region | Slideshow Controller)