Joystick Hud

A Navigation Option



       The joystick moves your avatar.

Things to note:  


How to use:

**As of 11/2021 the mouse rotates the avatar. Learn to use your central mouse button to exit navigation mode for easy movement with rotation.

***The Joystick Controls are a HUD so navigation mode needs to be OFF.  If you can't find your cursor, click escape to exit navigation mode.***

Let's See it in Action:

Watch full screen.

Combining Navigation Tools:

Many members prefer to combine the joystick with rotation keyboard controls, which you will learn about below.  

Remove Joystick HUD from your screen:

     - Find this button on bottom toolbar.
     - It is a toggle switch.  Click to both add/remove HUD from screen.

     - Autohides if FREECAM is active.
     - AutoLoads with every camera choice but FREECAM.

*** If you wish to turn this feature on/off for region autoload, do so in the UI interface.  


Before going any further, we recommend you practice these options with your avatar.