3DWW-2000 : Region Owner Tools


How Do I Get My Own Region?  

3DWebWorldz Regions are affordable and the only building limit is the memory your web browser can render.  

Learn more here:  https://a2zsmartgroup.com/shop

3DWebWorldz is a creation of A2Z Smart Group LLC.

Edit Region Details  
Name, Desc, Public Access, etc.

Don't have your own region yet? Click here.

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HOW TO ACCESS REGION DETAIL PANEL ===========================

Bottom toolbar:  Build Tools button / Manage Region Button / Edit Region Details Button



Top Toolbar: Region / Build Tools / Manage Region Button / Edit Region Details Button

REGION DETAIL PANEL CONTROLS ========================

What can I change on this panel?

• Region Name

• Region Description
Displayed in teleport directories.

• Info Box for Visitors
This information shows up on the top left of a visitor's screen.  Perfect place to put a welcome message or instructions.

• Region Icon 

• Grid / Portal Category
Determines the teleport directory filter button and direct entrance website.

• Set Public or Private Access

• Landing Coordinates (can also set these with the Easy Build Tools).

• Region Active
Remove your region from teleport directory by changing this to 'NO'. Works well for subcategory regions that must be entered through a physical teleport.

• Region Stats
Turn toggle switch "on" to put frame rate stats on screen for all visitors.

• Region Ocean with Details
Turn default water on or off, assign texture, color, water height.

• Advanced Builder Options 
Add your own scripts and object construction. Careful, if you don't know what you are doing, you will break your region. 3DWW Building Tools offer basic hover and click interactions.  HTML and Javascript additions are only needed if you choose to add non-standard object movement or interaction to your region.  Need help? Contact management, they will help you with your custom ideas.

Advertise Region Events  
Access Event Panel

Purpose:  Advertise your region events.  The event calendar is accessible to all visitors and also shows up on the member home page.


Bottom toolbar:  Build Tools Button / Manage Your Events Button



Top Toolbar:
• Region / Build Tools / Manage Your Events Button
• Events / Add Event / Manage Your Events Button


Click the ADD A NEW EVENT button at the top and complete the form.

After you save your event, make sure it was properly added to the Event Calendar.

TOP TOOLBAR:  Events | Event Calendar

*** If you don't see it listed:
Reload your region and check again.

*** Still don't see it? 
Open the same panel and click the EDIT button next to your event.  Check your details. 

Who Can Build on My Region?  
Building Rights

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HOW TO ACCESS BUILDING RIGHTS OPTIONS ===========================

Bottom toolbar:  Build Tools button / Manage Region Button / Region Building Rights Button



Top Toolbar: Region / Build Tools / Manage Region Button / Region Building Rights Button

Giving Building Rights

Use the pulldown menu to find the username and click the 'Add Builder' Button.

* Builders can move and delete all region objects.  Provide rights with care.

Take Away Building Rights

Open the panel and click the 'Rescind' button next to the correct username.

Who Can Access My Private Region?  
Providing Region Access

HOW TO PROVIDE ACCESS to PRIVATE REGIONS ================================

** ONLY REGISTERED MEMBERS can gain access to private regions.

Bottom toolbar: 
Build Tools button / Manage Region Button / Private Region access Rights



Top Toolbar Pulldown Menu:
Region / Build Tools / Manage Region Button / Private Region Access Rights

*** If your region is set for Public Access, you will not see the Private Region Access button.

Giving Access Rights

Use the pulldown menu to find the username and click the 'Allow Visitor' Button. Your visitors will be listed below the username pulldown menu.


Take Away Access Rights

Open the same panel and click the 'Rescind' button next to the correct username on the allowed list.

Banning Region Griefers  
Removing Visitors from Your Region

Sometimes a visitor does things they shouldn't. You can kick them and ban them. You have complete control.


Bottom Toolbar: 

Top Toolbar:

• Travel / Radar
• Communicate / Who's Online


Next to each person visiting your region you will find a Kick/Ban button.  Clicking this button will remove them from the region and region chat.  

You will receive a POP UP ALERT that the user or guest user has been banned.  Their name will now be at the TOP of the radar panel under 'banned users'. 



Banned members will be listed at the top of your region radar. To allow them back in, click the button next to their username.  You will receive a POP UP ALERT that they can once again enter your region.


Keep in mind that if you ban a member or guest from your region, and your region is set to public access, they can always log in as a guest under a different username. You may have to ban them a couple of times before they lose interest.

The only way to ensure complete privacy is to:

1) Set your region to Private Access.

2) White list those allowed to visit.

** Setting your region to public/private access is very easy and done within your Edit Region Details panel.  You can always set your region to private temporarily for an important event, and return it to public after your event concludes.

COMPLETE 3DWebWorldz Ban

3DWebWorldz is a family friendly place.  If you think someone needs to be banned permanently from 3DWebWorldz (not just your region), please send the request to management here. Or contact us on Discord here.

Who can help you with a persistent griefer?

• Evie_Marie

• RaeWolfie

• Selby_Evans

• Jamie_Jordan

• Bill_Blight

Region Slideshow  
Turning On The Presentation System

All registered members can create slideshow presentations, but only region owners can give them permission to share those presentations.

For more information on creating the slideshow process and how it works:
3DWW-1001 : Building
N. Slideshow Presentation Prim


Region owners will need to:

• Add the region slideshow prim and set its location, rotation, scale.
• Assign the slideshow presenter by username (gives them access to the region slideshow controller)

TOP TOOLBAR:   Build Tools | Manage Region Button | Region Presentation System Button